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Ministries of KLCC

We are a gift-based model ministry, where we believe in equipping every disciple to serve in their area of gifting.  We strive to be a community where every disciple is compelled to not just come to church but embrace the church and sow back into the Kingdom in the areas in which God has gifted them.

Care Icon.png

Vision: The KLCC Care Ministry will share and show the love of God so that every disciple will experience God's love here on earth because knowing God's love is foundational for life in Christ.


Mission: The Care Ministry will be attentive to the hearts and minds of God's people through congregational care, support, counseling, life and health coaching and resources to meet essential needs of disciples.

Clergy Icon.png

Vision:  To fully train and develop Clergymen/Lay teachers to their fullest potential in God so that  they are able to assist God's people to walk in their full deliverance and restoration with empowerment with the help of the Holy Spirit!
Mission:  To work hard unto the Lord and to receive His approval. To be trusted to rightly divide the  word of truth. To be prepared at all times to spread the gospel in or out of season, through correction, rebuke and encouragement with great patience and careful instructions. To be teachable and transparent for God to get the fullness out of my life.

Creative Arts Ministry.jpg

Vision: The Creative Arts and Outreach Ministry is the visual and performing heart and mind of God, creating performance space for service. It operates with 3 divisions: handcrafting/staging, community outreach, and theater production; supporting the ministries of KLCC and offering original works to the public.  It serves as a team prompted to use its gifts, without hesitation or doubt to create purposeful ministry.

Mission: We will function as a ministry without walls……Christ focus and building communities. With the help of the Holy Spirit, through community artistry, we will support the vision of Kingdom Life Christian Center, by equipping God’s people to walk in complete deliverance, restoration, and empowerment. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will help restore God’s people to Him so that they may receive the original purpose for their lives and empower them to fulfill their calling here on earth.

Evangelistic Icon.png

Vision: To bring glory and honor and all we do and say to Jesus.


Mission: Where someone spends eternity can very well depend on what you do or don't do dildos designed to hear the gospel but they don't know what it is and they will not know unless we teach them Proverbs 11:30 he who wins Souls is wise.

Flag Icon.png

Vision: To empower the body of Christ to go higher in worship. To see growth with the ladies in the ministry in the understanding of flags, worship, and the power behind what they do for the body of Christ.


Mission: To help saturate an atmosphere of worship for the move of God through ministry of flag with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Healing Icon.png

Vision: To see believers and nonbelievers walk in optimal health as described in 3 John 2.

Hospitality Icon.png

Vision: To be of service and ensure that all needs are met in terms of having a joyous time during all church fellowships and gatherings.


Mission: To execute the logistics of preparation, serving and clean-up of all church fellowships with a spirit of excellence to make the environment a hospitable one.

KLCC Youth Ministry.jpg

Vision: To embrace each child with the love of God and to equip them so they may grow into what he created them to be


Mission: To develop God's children to be kingdom minded, to use kingdom authority and to walk in kingdom power to be the change agents of a new generation through Christ Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Lay Teacher Icon.png

Vision: To see a body of transformed believers whose lives are guided by the Word of God.

Marriage Ministry.png

Vision: Transforming Marriages into Kingdom Marriages that will bring glory to God through the way we love and the way we live.​

Media Ministry.jpg

Vision: To capture the essences of God's beauty and design spiritual graphics to promote the brand of KLCC with the help of the Holy Spirit.


Mission: To CAPTURE God's presence throughout service with the help of the Holy Spirit.


To PROMOTE the brand of KLCC by advertising through social media platforms with the help of the Holy Spirit.


To DESIGN flyers for upcoming events within community with the help of the Holy Spirit.


To TRAIN AND EQUIP his sons and daughters with the basic tools for growing in photography, graphic design or social media management with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Mens Ministry.jpg




Mother Board Ministry copy.jpg




Music Ministry.png

Vision:  To train and equip the music ministry to operate out of the gift and spirit of excellence in order to usher in the presence of the Lord while emphasizing and enforcing a lifestyle of praise and worship with the help of the Holy Spirit.


Mission: Apply praise and worship as a lifestyle by allowing music to minister first to the music department before standing before God's people.


Minister music that edifies, inspires, and enables the body of Christ to experience Him personally.


Appoint section leaders who will shadow the Praise Team Administrators in order to learn and develop the necessary skills to properly operate in the music ministry.

Prison Ministry.png

Vision: The vision is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and liberty to deliver, restore and equip men, women and children to wholeness.


Mission: Our mission is to empower inmates to grow in discipleship through an interactive Bible study, and to provide the opportunity to build healthy relationships through God’s Word as they prepare to re-enter society.

Prophetic Ministry.jpg
Royal Events Ministry.jpg

Vision: The Royal Events Ministry ensures that the first family and establishmentarian of KLCC and her family are honored with royalty and excellence throughout the year.


Mission: By functioning according 1 Timothy 5:17 the Royal Events Ministry, plans and executes events such as acknowledgements of birthdays and anniversaries that reflect the double honor they so deserve. 

Singles Ministry.png




Technology Ministry.png

Vision: To continue to re-enforce the branding of Kingdom Life Christian as the Universal Church in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Mission: The mission of the Technology ministry is to actively promote the vision and mission of Kingdom Life Christian Center through print media, radio, television and internet and social media so that people can access and find a way to carry out Gods original purpose for their lives. The technology enables the ministry to carry out the mission by producing a high quality and professional product for the enjoyment of all Gods people.

Women's Ministry.jpg






Vision: To upbuild the Kingdom of God by providing God's instructions, encouragement, edification, corrections, and warnings to His people for the fulfillment of His plan and purpose over their lives.

Mission: To lead, guide, and instruct God’s people through life’s trials, tribulations, victories, and celebrations by the authority and power given to us through God, Jesus,

and Holy Spirit.


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