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Welcome to KLCC E-Church! 

To all of our E-Church Disciples,

Thank you for making the commitment to be “part of this family” is just the first step in a mutually beneficial experience.  I hope you have seen a genuine love for the Lord as you have been attending our live services.


We strive to be a church that honors God and meets the needs of his people, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We believe in holistic spirituality. 

As you begin this new journey with us, we welcome you to participate in every ministry that you are drawn to. Each new disciple has an opportunity to go through our Kingdom Essential classes, where you will learn and connect more with the full aspect of KLCC from its foundation to this very minute. 


Each disciple is also assigned a Kingdom Building Pastor that provides an intimate setting and spiritual relationship that keeps you connected and aware of all things pertaining to KLCC through your ministry group (via zoom or facebook live).

In closing our desire is for each disciple, regardless of age, to be growing and serving in ministry.  We do not want you to become a virtual disciple of the KLCCNC and gradually disappear.


We want you to grow to your maximum potential and pay it forward as you connect with others throughout your journey as you constantly transform into the image of Christ.


*KLCC E-Church is available to anyone who desires to become a disciple of KLCC that lives 50 miles or greater from the church.


For more information, email us at

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