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Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams 

A Church Without Walls was birthed out of PFW Ministries, Inc. in 2007. PFW Ministries, Inc. is a traveling prophetic evangelical ministry that started in 2005. PFW Ministries, Inc. held quarterly deliverance and restoration conferences to help individuals learn to operate with a mindset of empowerment and growth; healing the natural man so that the spirit man can live a more purpose driven life.


There was a need to permanently plant and have a constant presence for a spiritually dying community of people who were lost and needed to find a stable place to be spiritually feed. The ministry started with seven faithful servants who went out to address the needs of the people. The ministry continued to grow as we remained steadily and consistently faithful to God and in August 2009, we moved from The Old Greensboro Gateway Building with 1000 square feet of worship center space to Spring Garden Plaza with 2000 square feet!

By this time our congregation had grown from seven disciples to forty in a year and a half. By the end of 2010, our congregation had grown from forty disciples to seventy. We knew we needed more space and God provided us with another 2000 square feet next door, which consist of our youth worship center, office space for the Senior Pastor, Pastor of Care, counseling office/Life Coaching, and Christian Educator along with a Fellowship Hall.  Since then our congregation has grown to one hundred and fifty disciples and we see growth every Sunday. 

​Back In 2007, PFW Ministries, Inc.  entered into an agreement with the educational academy of The Headquarters of A Church Without Walls to teach Discipleship Classes to the leaders and Body of Christ. In 2012, this gave birth to New Testament School of Theology.  NTSOT started classes in January 2013!

God provided us with yet another space in October 2012, which is the Headquarters of A Church Without Walls Education Center! This 1900 square foot space houses our campus library, training rooms, computer room, and Youth Worship Center bringing us to a total of 6,000 square feet!

Expansion and possessing of new land  happened in November 2014. The Headquarters of A Church Without Walls made it’s second move to Westgate Plaza. With mega ministry going forth, HQ obtained 10,000 square feet of space with a 3,500 square foot worship center and spaces for more offices, classrooms, library and ministerial space all under one roof. 


As we look at our growth,  we give God all the glory for how He has led our Visionary to govern this ministry to be a apostolic gift based model ministry by equipping all disciples, not some, for the work of the Kingdom!

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