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Bishop Centoniel Echols

Bishop Centoniel R. Echols, Sr. is a native of Danville, Va. He is

the son of the late Elder Chestly and Missionary Della Echols-

McLaughlin. He grew to know the Lord under the Leadership of

Pastor Cora A. Motley who was the pastor of Rehoboth Apostolic

Church. He was also mentored by Elder Corey Torain, who served

as assistant pastor under Pastor Motley.

Bishop Echols graduated from G.W. High school, and he began his post-secondary education at Virginia State University. However, due to his father’s ailing health and passing away, he returned home to support

his mother and to fill his father’s position as man of the house.


During that time, Bishop Echols affectionately known as Tony, developed and ear for music. He quickly became one of the sought-after musicians in the area. He began to play for community choirs, churches, and local events. In 1997, he co-produced his first project with his future wife,

Martina Taylor, whom he would wedded in 1999.

He is an accomplished musician, producer, and composer. He has recorded with Gospel artist such as Josephine Jenkins, and Melvin & Tunesha Crispell.

Bishop Centoniel has mentored men and stood in as a father figure for countless young boys. His love and wisdom are unmatched. His motto is, “I respect where God has been, but I’m more interested in where he is going”. Bishop believes learning is lifelong and is currently enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University where he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer science with a concentration in cybersecurity. He is on track to graduate in December of 2024.


In 2007, Bishop Centoniel R. Echols was ordained an Elder by Bishop David K. Fuller of Danville, VA and on July 30, 2022, he was consecrated Bishop Diocese, Governance Jurisdiction, NC & VA by Kingdom World Changers Fellowship under the leadership of Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon and serves as the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Christian Center of Greensboro, NC were Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon is the Establishmentarian.  

Out of all his accomplishments, his love for God and his family are

at the heart of everything he does. It is his desire to serve his

generation with the spirit of Christ and to be a light in the darkest

of places.


Apostle Martina Echols

Apostle Martina Echols is a native of Danville, Virginia. She received the LORD JESUS INTO HER LIFE AT age 14 and was FILLED with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. She is FIRST AND FOREMOST a praiser and actively demonstrates her belief that WORSHIP IS NOT AN experiment… is a requirement!


Apostle Martina has been married to Bishop Centoniel Echols for married 23 years. In 2008 the Lord blessed them with their miracle son, affectionately known as Prince Niel.

Apostle Martina began her post-secondary education at Virginia Union University, where she majored in classical music, but completed her education at Jacksonville Theological University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education and a Master of Arts degree in Church Administration. In 1999 she was ordained an Elder by Bishop David K. Fuller, founder of Word-On-the-Streets Ministries and Pastor of Greater Mount Zion Church in Callands, Virginia.

In 2007, she and her husband birth Covenant Worship Center in Charlotte, NC were they served as the Senior Pastors for 15 years.

Due to facing injustices in ministry because of her gender, Apostle Martina Echols has been given a mandate from God to embrace and release praisers into their God purposed positions in the Kingdom.

She believes that she has been called to transform, equip, empower and prepare souls for the soon coming King and her love for God is demonstrated in her love for ALL people.

She now serves as Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Christian Center in Greensboro, NC. 

On July 30th, 2022, she was affirmed as an Apostle and appointed Dean of The School of  Works for Kingdom World Changers Fellowship. 

Her love for music afforded her to release her EP project which can be downloaded on social media outlets. Her greatest vision is to see God’s Kingdom expanded as GOD uses her to minister deliverance to the poor, the brokenhearted and to His people everywhere.

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