Pastor William Wright

Reverend William Wright is a truly gifted and anointed man of God. A visionary, forerunner, and true servant, Pastor Wright has been equipped by God with biblical wisdom and has been called my many “wise beyond his years.” His giftedness is evidenced by the presence of the Holy Spirit in his service, as he has been blessed with favor and promotion in every endeavor he has

undertaken. Although not raised up in a traditional Christian household, Pastor Wright acknowledged his calling at a very young age and finally committed himself fully to it. He has served and is presently serving on numerous boards, ministries, and fellowships. He has held leadership positions in various associations and fellowships and is a bible scholar, gifted teacher, mentor, motivator, and leader.

Pastor Wright initially began fulfilling his calling in the traditional Baptist church, however while attending a revival in 2003, a prophetic word was released confirming his 5-fold gifting as an apostle and prophet. Although operating in the pastoral role, the anointing of these gifts is evident in all his endeavors and operation of ministry. It was this apostolic anointing and prophetic gifting that

propelled him out of denominational circles and into the kingdom realm of ministry. He is a continuing disciple, rooted in a desire to learn more and grow closer to God. His passion is sharing his giftedness with the people of God and to help foster growth in their process, calling and purpose in the Kingdom.


Pastor Wright believes in the attainment of knowledge and personal growth and has learned from the “school of hard knocks” along with numerous professional and academic institutions of higher learning with an endeavor to become a better Christian, pastor, and person. His preaching style is dynamic, energetic, testimonial, unique, informative, blessed, encouraging, and provocative. God has gifted him to reach all generations in his sermonic presentations.


He developed a personal and ministry model called the 4M Model to facilitate growth, movement, and progress in the Body of Christ to eliminate servant fatigue and the “revolving door/church hopping” mindset.


Pastor Wright has endured many personal attacks and trials. As he persevered through those trials, he became a stronger, wiser, and essentially a better man of God. His experiences strengthened his testimony, character, personal resolve, and commitment to the cause of Christ and His kingdom.


In 2006, Pastor Wright embarked on fulfilling the vision of God for him in ministry, The City of Righteousness, an online Christian fellowship with the vision to grow those who are seeking an intimate, organic relationship with God.