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Welcome to KLCC
On behalf of our
Chief Apostle Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon

Welcome to a church where God IS the center attraction! If you are looking to grow in leaps and bounds spiritually,  Kingdom Life Christian Center is the church for you. The “campus” is what we are often referred to because we equip everyone to walk out their God-given gifts. If you are still exploring your gifts, don’t worry we are able to help you learn just what those gifts are and provide a platform where you are able to serve in your area of gifting.

So we invite you to come and experience a church where we love one another with the love of God, not with our hearts, but with our spirit!   We don’t claim to be a perfect church, but we do proclaim to flow out of a spirit of excellence by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Discipleship at Kingdom Life Christian Center is not just “another ritual” it is active.  We believe people grow when they are serving God. Serving God with our whole being in and outside of the walls of a church is a rewarding experience. We look forward to seeing every disciple transformed into the image of Christ, being fruitful and glorifying God with their whole life!


Our vision:

To EQUIP God's people to walk in full deliverance restoration and empowerment with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission:  

To RESTORE God's people back to him so that they may receive His original purpose for their lives and empower them to fulfill their calling here on earth with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Join us for any of our services!

Developing a relationship with God is extremely important.  In doing so, it is important that you are in fellowship with like minded believers. Here at Kingdom Life Christian Center we provide opportunities for study, fellowship and empowerment.


At Kingdom Life Christian Center, we believe in equipping and training every disciple to serve in their area of gifting.  We are a gift-based model ministry, that flows and functions according to the Five Fold Ministry. 

We are a campus and our motto is that we are a "one-stop shop!"  If you need it we have it.

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